The ongoing Starr Lyle project collects, documents and shares the history related to Mattie Lee (Starr) Lyle and William Henderson Lyle, their ancestors, descendants, relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

We would like you to contact us if you, or a past or present relative or friend of yours may have known, crossed paths with, or been related to the Starr or Lyle families. We have information and photographs to share, and we love to learn new information and see new photographs that help us add details to the historical records of the Starr and Lyle families.

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Starr Lyle Project
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As a teenager in the early 1900s, Mattie Starr took an interest in photography. Over much of the remaining course of her life she captured and collected in photographs some of the people and places that were important in the lives of her and her family. This project began with the organization and interpretation of Mattie's photographs after she completed a long and impactful life. It has spread through its interconnections with other noteworthy people, places and events. Our mission is to continue to develop and expand this important story.

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